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As I undertake photographic assignments and workshops, I will post new, and forthcoming trips/workshops here
30th November 2014
On Saturday I took a personal trip to London to view some more locations for my London Workshops.

I was so lucky in that once I got to Tower Bridge there was an amazing sunrise, which was different to when I was there 2 weeks ago, and there was quite a covering of fog.

Both these were fantastic, as you can see the top of the Shard building popping out of the fog, where this is in contrast to the fantastic morning sunrise.

London in the fog
12th December 2013
Yesterday there was very thick fog in London, which caused quite a lot of trouble for travel, but not so for photographers. On my travels there were loads of photographers all around the Thames getting their photographs.

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04th December 2013
Over the couple of months I have had the privilege of photographing quite a number of Supercars. These have ranged from Ferrari (F40, F50, Enzo) to Ford GT40, Aston Martin, Audi R8 just to name a few.

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Basic Photography Course
13th July 2013
I have been asked many times, is there somewhere where people can learn about taking or even understanding their camera's.

Apart from going to the College, where they only do the course on a particular day, and it may clash with your busy lives, there is nothing.

To look at the brochure click here

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Focus on Imaging
11th March 2013
I went to Focus on Imaging last Tuesday at the NEC. I just could not manage to go at the weekend, as there would be so many of the General Public there, and there were a few companies that I wanted to visit.
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New Workshop
15th December 2012
River Thames in London Workshop.

Starting in February 2013, I will be conducting this new Workshop. I am really excited about this, as it will be a very interesting workshop.

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New Workshop
15th December 2012
River Thames in London Workshop.

Starting in February 2013, I will be conducting this new Workshop. I am really excited about this, as it will be a very interesting workshop.
Trip dates coming soon
10th April 2012
I will be releasing dates of some trips soon.

The days that I allow people to come with me, are Saturdays, as the other days I stay overnight.

Once released, if you are interested, then please drop me a line and you can come along. Remember it is a first come first served.

Oh, I forgot to say, they are FREE, including travel.
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Washington trip washup
29th March 2012
Well, after a hectic week in the US, with over 1000 miles covered and over 1200 photo's taken. The hard work now starts, processing the photographs and deciding on what to keep and what to delete.

The places that we visited were, Washington DC, Arlington, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, New York State, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Once I have processed some of the photographs, I will post them here.

Washington DC
09th January 2012
I am going to Washington DC in March to mainly photograph the Civil War Trail.

From my experience, and I have been to DC many times before, and have got some great photographs from there before.
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Peak District
08th February 2011
The workshop that this week in the Peak District is going well.

Day 1 was extreamly windy, so got some great shots. Delegates were great.

Day 2 was very good. Good light, good scenery.

All in all the delgates had a great time, and some of their photographs are available in the Club area.

Now on to the next workshop for the next 3 days. We are expecting fantastic weather. Good Sunrises, and with a bit of luck good sunsets.

Next week it is the Lake District for another 2 workshops.

Lots to get through, and I am really looking forward to it.

Gloucester Cathedral Workshop
18th January 2011
The first workshop of the year has finished, and what a success.

Everyone really enjoyed it, and I have had a few booking on other workshops that I do.

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Back from Kenya
15th July 2010
Well, I am now back from Kenya, and I have got over 5000 photographs to go through.

It was an amazing trip, and I managed to see the Big 5 in 1 game drive.
For those of you who do not know what the big five is, they are
1. Lion
2. Rhino
3. Elephant
4. Water Buffalo
5. Cheeta

But we saw loads more, Hippos, Crocs, leopard, Jackals just to name a few.

Although I did not see a lion kill or Cheeta kill, we did managed to catch up with them minutes after they made a kill, and in one occasion the gazelle was still alive. Big grim, but then that is the way of life over there.

Once I have managed to go through the photo's I will upload them.

Thanks for reading this.