Update on new PC
08th October 2011
Well I have recieved my new PC, after a bit of telephoning Scan Computers. Their communication internally and externally could be a bit better. But at least I have got it.

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Nearing 40,000 hits
03rd October 2011
We are comming up to nearly 40,000 hits, and I would expect that to go by the months end (I hope).

I just want to thank everyone who has visited my website over the last year or two.

Also I do put a lot of my other photographs on my Flickr site

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New PC
24th September 2011
New PC is currently being built, it is a Intel i7 980 Hex Core with 24GB Ram so it is going to be very quick.

Read the full report for a list of the components.

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Cotswold Battle of Britain show
19th September 2011
Great show at the Cotswold Airport, where I managed to get some great shots of the BBMF.

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Hawk Conservancy Trust
05th September 2011
The Hawk Conservancy Trust at Weyhill, near Andover made a great day out for the group.

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Photo workshop in and around Aberdeen
14th August 2011
Stunning shots of Aberdeen harbour entrance and lighthouse with a rainbow

Aberdeen Harbour lighthouse.

Ship entering the harbour.

Raninbow over Aberdeen harbour's lighthouse.
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RIAT 2011 - 17 July 2011
27th July 2011
Summary of the Royal International Air Tattoo 2011 (RIAT)

Spitfire and Mustang

Avro Vulcan

Avro Lancaster
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Color Munki Photo
23rd July 2011
Just bought a Color Munki Photo, from the Photography fair at Bristol Football Grounds (Ashton Gate)
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Royal Signals Open Day
16th June 2011
Royal Signals Open Day
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09th June 2011
Update on what I have been doing for the last couple of months
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Recent Photoshoot
15th May 2011
Hi all,

I recently did a photoshoot for a Asian Wedding Jewelery Company. The photoshoot went really well, but took some time to get going. I think that it was worth it, as you can see with the photographs.

The one thing that I have learned over the years is attention to detail. If you can get the photograph you are aiming for in camera, it will save you a heck of a lot of time with the post production.

iPad 2
17th April 2011
Well I have finally bought an Ipad2 and all I can say now is WOW.

Grat bit of kit, easy to use and is definitely a benefit to anyone running a small business.

Portability and adaptability is the key feature, with lots of apps.

I am however in the process of writing my own app, so again watch this space

More info and detailed report will follow

Hurst Castle
17th April 2011
Hurst Castle and Calshot photography day
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Contact Information
16th March 2011
Contact Information added to the Contact page
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Photovision Roadshow
15th March 2011
2011 Photovision Roadshow at Bristol Football Ground
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Update on the weekend 12/13 March 2011
13th March 2011
Great Weekend, great shots, great company, and great weather.

What else could you want for!
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Weekend 12/13 March 2011
11th March 2011
Back by popular demand, I have been asked by the user group to organise a trip to the Southampton area.

So there are a number of places available.

This is on a first come basis.
We will meet at Calshot Castle at 08.00 for some early photography.

There is plenty to photograph, from the local wildlife, bird life, marine craft (small, medium and large boats) leaving Southampton.

Then we will move on to Hurst Castle, where with the use of a long lens the Neeles of the Isles of White are great.

If you do not have one, I am happy for you to use mine (Canon users).

Then of to the New Forrest for more photos.

Remember that this is first come first serve, and let me know your mobiles, as it could change depending on the weather and morning sky.

Looking forward to seeing you all.

Peak District
08th February 2011
The workshop that this week in the Peak District is going well.

Day 1 was extreamly windy, so got some great shots. Delegates were great.

Day 2 was very good. Good light, good scenery.

All in all the delgates had a great time, and some of their photographs are available in the Club area.

Now on to the next workshop for the next 3 days. We are expecting fantastic weather. Good Sunrises, and with a bit of luck good sunsets.

Next week it is the Lake District for another 2 workshops.

Lots to get through, and I am really looking forward to it.

Gloucester Cathedral Workshop
18th January 2011
The first workshop of the year has finished, and what a success.

Everyone really enjoyed it, and I have had a few booking on other workshops that I do.

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Trial going great
28th December 2010
Over 100 people have signed up for membership, free courses are going fast.
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