Photography at the London Olympics
27th April 2012
I have just seen a quite disturbing article about photographing the London Olympics.

Did you know that if you have bought a ticket for any events at the Olympics, it is illegal to upload any photograph, or video to any social networks. The London 2012 conditions for ticket holders state (Section 19.6.3)
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Photo upload
16th April 2012
I have uploaded more photographs taken in the US on my recent workshop trip.
Latest photos uploaded
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Trip dates coming soon
10th April 2012
I will be releasing dates of some trips soon.

The days that I allow people to come with me, are Saturdays, as the other days I stay overnight.

Once released, if you are interested, then please drop me a line and you can come along. Remember it is a first come first served.

Oh, I forgot to say, they are FREE, including travel.
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Asian Photoshoot
06th April 2012
I was commisioned to photograph Indian Wedding Jewellery, of which I have done many times before.

Today, the shoot not only included the Jewellery, but a professional model was used. When she turned up, I could see that this was going to be a great photoshoot as she was naturally beautifull. After the make-up artist and stylist had finished we got down to the work at hand.
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Washington trip washup
29th March 2012
Well, after a hectic week in the US, with over 1000 miles covered and over 1200 photo's taken. The hard work now starts, processing the photographs and deciding on what to keep and what to delete.

The places that we visited were, Washington DC, Arlington, Virginia, New Jersey, New York, New York State, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

Once I have processed some of the photographs, I will post them here.

Washington update
12th March 2012
Good day to you all.

Well it is now 1 week away until my photo workshop in Washington.

There is much to tell, I have decided to extend the range of what we are going to be taken, to include Orange County. Which for those of you who know your US Counties there are many different Orange Counties.
We will be going to Orange County, New York, so there will be plenty to photograph there.

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Focus on Imaging
04th March 2012
I shall be leaving for this years Focus on Imaging show at the NEC today.

My main area that I am looking at is a new Tripod head from Vanguard which I have been reading about. Currently there is only 1 company in the UK that I have seen that sell's it so I will be looking around the show to see if anyone else sells it
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Focus on Imaging 2012
14th February 2012
I have now got my ticket for this event, and I have been reviewing who will be there.

Glad to see that Canon is turning up, after missing out last year. I am looking at some new lenses, and would like to see what they have, how heavy they are.
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Timelapse photography
10th February 2012
Hi all,

I have just completed my first timelapse video.

I had an photoshoot/video engagement in Huntingdon on Thursday 9th Feb, and I thought that I would take a photo every 2 seconds on my journey home.

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London in January 2012
15th January 2012
I took another trip to London, this time on my own.
I wanted to go as far as Woolwich and photograph the London Barrier during the day. I could not of asked for better weather, it was cold but the light was amazing.

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Washington DC
09th January 2012
I am going to Washington DC in March to mainly photograph the Civil War Trail.

From my experience, and I have been to DC many times before, and have got some great photographs from there before.
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2011 Review
01st January 2012
What a year it has been, for me it has been very sucessfull. I have been able to photograph some amazing people, and babies. I have been to some great places, taken some fantastic workshops. So all in all it has been great.

Please read the whole story to find out what I have done, or are going to do.
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Cotswold Airport
29th December 2011
During the Christmas break, I went to Cotswold Airport, where they have a number of aircraft waiting to be broken up.

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11th December 2011
I was in London with a few friends yesterday on a workshop that I organised.

The company was good, the weather was great, and you will all agree the photographs was just very good.

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Hampshire Coast update
28th November 2011
We were all set for a trip to the Coast, near Hurst Castle, Calshot but the weather was not kind to us.

I contacted everyone, as I had decided to go down to Portland Bill for an early morning photo shoot, it was my intention to stay untill early evening to capture the sunset.

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Hampshire Coast Photo Trip
20th November 2011
This Saturday, 26th November, I will photographing around the coast of Hampshire, Starting at Calshot then moving along the coast westward towards Milford On Sea.

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PC Update
15th November 2011
It has been about 2 months now that I have got my new PC.

It has taken some time to load all the applications that I want, and I am sure that there are a few others that I have not yet installed.

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24th October 2011
Just got back from a short trip to Barcelona will upload the photographs later in the week.
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18th October 2011
Of to Barcelona tomorrow (Wednesday 19th Oct).
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More updates to new PC
18th October 2011
I have had my PC for nearly 2 weeks and it is exceeding all my expectations.

Read the full blog for more information

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