Dog Agility Show
07th October 2013
Saturday 5th I photographed a Dog Agility show near Royal Wootton Bassett. I did not know what to expect, and was very pleasantly surprised by a great day.

I have never seen so many dogs of all breeds, and so well behaved. It was a joy to watch and photograph.

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Gromits video
27th July 2013
I have created a quick video of the Gromits that I photographed in Bristol.

I have not included the one that I took in Paddington station, well not yet.


Savernake Sizzler 2013
22nd July 2013
Swindon based multi-discipline endurance event company ran it's 2013 Savernake Sizzler, which is a cycling event.

Over 200 riders had booked for one of three routes. Starting at 07.30 I stationed myself around a number of places around the course where I could take photographs of the Cyclists.

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Basic Photography Course
13th July 2013
I have been asked many times, is there somewhere where people can learn about taking or even understanding their camera's.

Apart from going to the College, where they only do the course on a particular day, and it may clash with your busy lives, there is nothing.

To look at the brochure click here

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Trooping the Colour 2013
16th June 2013
Yesterday was the Trooping of the Colour, and I went with a friend to take some photos, just as a nice day out.

The Queen, and other Royals came down, and we all snapped away as usual. I did take a few shots but I was more interested in watching it, as Ken, who I was with had not been before.

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Tall Ship Festival Gloucester 2013
25th May 2013
I went to Sharpness to watch the arrival of the Tall Ships into the Sharpness and Gloucester Canal. I got there at 9am, but just missed them, as they had gone through at 8:30, so I was told.

No matter, I then traveled to the Sharpness Graveyard and took some photographs.

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22nd May 2013
I have been very fortunate to photograph some amazing supercars at Dick Lovett in Swindon. The sales staff made me very welcome, and allowed me to wander around the showroom taking photographs of all the cars, even in the workshop area.

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Gloucester Yacht Club
14th May 2013
I have been asked by Gloucester Yacht Club to produce some photographs for their club.

I have produced a series of photographs on Gloucester Docks and the surrounding area, which will be displayed at their club, and will be available to purchase.
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Low Flying Jets
10th May 2013
I had a couple of days away to do some personal photography, and I went to Wales. The weather was fantastic, and I met up with some friends and we just spent the day taking photographs of RAF and USAF jets doing low flying training in Wales.

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Harry's Photos
08th April 2013
I took a number of photo's of Harry with his family. The last time I was asked to photograph him he was not well, so the photo session did not go to well.

I offered to rebook the session when he was better. This time, he was great, smiling, crying, giggling everything that a nearly 2 baby should do.

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Focus on Imaging
11th March 2013
I went to Focus on Imaging last Tuesday at the NEC. I just could not manage to go at the weekend, as there would be so many of the General Public there, and there were a few companies that I wanted to visit.
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25th February 2013
Nearly being the end of February, I have done quite a bit so far this year.

I have created a training guide for using GIMP, which is a free photo manipulation program that can do nearly the same as Photoshop, but it is free.

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Year 2012 round up
23rd December 2012
As we all near the end of 2012, and slowly move into 2013 I thought that I would give a brief of how my year has gone.

Having taken thousands of photographs during the year of all subjects I am just amazed at some of the places and people that I have seen during the year.
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New Workshop
15th December 2012
River Thames in London Workshop.

Starting in February 2013, I will be conducting this new Workshop. I am really excited about this, as it will be a very interesting workshop.

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New Workshop
15th December 2012
River Thames in London Workshop.

Starting in February 2013, I will be conducting this new Workshop. I am really excited about this, as it will be a very interesting workshop.
Jurassic Coast
09th December 2012
I had been planning this trip for some time, and it was all booked. Accommodation, transport, cleared my diary.

5 full days of photography, starting at 6am and finishing after sunset.

Cold, but well worth it, so did the delegates who gave a rousing thank you.

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19th November 2012
Yesterday, Sunday 18th November, I went to Portsmouth with my wife, her sister Carole and her husband Richard.

While they were shopping, I decided to go and do a bit of photography, and one of the best places in Portsmouth to take photographs is from the Spinnaker Tower. Only around £9.00 and you get an all day pass, wow.

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New Page to view - Photoshop
17th October 2012
I have added a new Page to my menu, called "Photoshop".

Lots of people, customers, and friends have asked me if I have a list of all the techniques that I have come across using Photoshop.

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Changing Photographs
28th September 2012
Some members of the Photographic community are quite adverse against changing a photograph, and other's can change a photograph completly.

Before Change

After Change

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Out and about in Swindon
12th September 2012
I recently went out and about in Swindon with a my friend Martin, who recently bought a Canon 5D MK3.

We decided to try to take a couple of photographs of the evening sunset around Moulden Lake, but there was not much sunset but we tried.

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